Baking Beginners Tips – Baking Tools

In recent years, family baking has gradually become popular, and many friends around me are interested in baking, and are also preparing or already starting to do it at home. First, the materials you make yourself are assured, and the second is that you can get the recognition from people around you. It is also a very happy thing!

At the same time, as a newbie, what should I pay attention to when buying something~ Many people are very confused…

Ok, let’s talk about baking today, this serious and sweet topic~~~

First of all, the warm reminder: baking is a pit! A sweet pit~~~

Baking, the must-have is of course the oven. So, what kind of suit is it suitable as a household oven?

First, the oven. First, choose a basic fully functional household oven. The functions of the oven are mainly: one is to control the temperature; the other is to have a timing function; the third is to have two upper and lower heating tubes, and the upper and lower sides can be heated at the same time, or can be separately controlled; the fourth is that the oven has at least three layers or three layers. Above; fifth is the capacity suggestion is 30L or more, but the household is not necessary too much; the sixth is best to bring the fermentation function, when baking bread, fermentation in the oven will save a lot.

Brands, there are many brands on the market, whether it is old brands or new brands, the technology is relatively mature, the function is similar, you can choose according to needs and price; general household, recommend Bai Cui, Changdi, ACA, beautiful These brands can be used; high-end, such as Panasonic, Kas, boss, Westinghouse, etc. are all OK. As for other functions such as steaming, look at your personal choices.

Second, the bread machine. For those who like to eat bread, it is recommended to buy a bread machine. Because you can lazy, with a one-button mode, you can eat a fragrant loaf, like to roast yourself, you can also use the bread machine to make noodles and noodles, after shaping, then roast in the oven, it is quite troublesome.

And now the bread machine is not expensive and fully functional. Basic functions are available, the main choice points are the brand, the heating tube and some auxiliary functions. Regarding the brand, you can choose Panasonic if you don’t have money. In general, Bai Cui/ACA/Dongling/Beauty, these are all possible.

Third, the chef machine. About the chef machine, it is a relatively professional machine. The main function is to stir and send, such as dough, butter, egg white and butter. You can use your chef machine to liberate your hands. However, compared with the hand-held egg beater, the volume is large. If the home kitchen is not very spacious, there is not much use in the usual time. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t need a chef machine. Because we can use the bread machine for the dough, we can use the hand-held electric egg beater.

Fourth, gadgets. Now generally buy an oven, will send a lot of gifts, such as eggbeater, electronic scales, so other small tools, see how much to send, then look at what else to buy.

1. Electric egg beater. This is absolutely essential. Otherwise, relying on your hands and wanting to send protein, butter or cream, you can get a lot of time and effort. And often fail to discuss.

There is no special function in the eggbeater, that is, the speed is divided into several files, generally 5 files is enough (in fact, I feel no problem when I use two files). For the brand, Qihe is an old brand that specializes in eggbeaters. Other big brands can also be used for one point. Some of the cheaper ones mainly look at the quality of the motor, and the poor quality of the continuous playing time is too long to burn out.

2, egg pumping. In addition to the electric egg beater, the manual egg beater is the egg pumping, which is also a must. Because some do not need to be sent, it is necessary to use this egg. As long as the material is strong, work can be done.

3. Electronic scales. This is also a must. Everyone can understand the recipe, because the baked things are all accurate weight. It is not like Chinese food. It is based on experience to put materials and spices. Some materials for baking are even accurate to a few grams, so it is best to choose an electronic scale that is accurate to 0.1 grams. Brands, general households can be, and must choose, Xiangshan / Bai Cui / learning kitchen are good.

4, cooking machine. It is best to have one. Because some need to be muddy or powdered, you must use the cooking machine! Or you can use a fruit puree and squeeze a juice. Brand, anyway, the price of a share, choose it yourself. Generally used, more than one hundred dollars is not bad.

5, beat the egg pot. It is best to match two or three, the size is different, it is convenient to use. Because, for example, protein, it must be water-free and oil-free. It is not always good to use a pot filled with vegetables. This choice is what you like.

6, powder sieve. It is also a must! Because when making cookies or cakes. It is necessary to screen the low-gluten flour again, not only to ensure that the flour is clean, but the most important thing is to make the flour and the air better contacted by sifting, and the biscuits or cakes made will be more fluffy and delicious. Some homes have soymilk machines, and the sieve inside can be used. If not, just buy one.

7, silicone scraper. A must-have artifact for making cakes. When you use it, you will know how easy it is to use this thing. It’s a clean one! It is recommended to choose one, easy to clean. Large must-have, if you like, you can buy it from big, medium and small!

8. Kneading mat. When you want to make some biscuits that need to be molded, or make bread, steamed bread, you must have it! There are a lot of online materials, there are different materials, there is no special good or bad, anyway, buy materials, no worries, just choose yourself~

9, cake mold. The water of this thing is very deep. Why do you say the water is deep, because as you increase your baking hobby, you will find that you don’t want too many molds to buy! Metal/silica gel, round square, big small…variety, endlessly buy and buy! ! !

However, the most basic round cake mold is best to have one, 6 inch or 8 inch can be ~ to buy a live bottom, demoulding is convenient. If you want to make a hurricane cake, don’t choose non-sticky, because the cake body of the hurricane cake climbs up along the mold. If you use anti-stick, it is too exhausting to climb, you have to choose A silver live bottom hurricane cake mold!

Bake this big pit! Share the super easy to use baking products you bought~

This is a shopping summary of baking products~ In fact, I started to contact baking a long time ago, that is, I will do it occasionally, but I have never done anything decent. . I started to do more last year. Although I love to do it, I am still fat. .

1. [Electrical articles] the most important —- oven

I bought a red envelope in October last year, and I got it at 104. Now it is gone. The one I bought before my dad was too small. This 30L is usually used. Oven I feel that I can do it according to my own budget and needs. I use it almost the same, that is, to slowly master its “spleen”, the temperature is high or low, and it takes a long time to buy a thermometer to measure the internal temperature.

2. [Electrical articles] must—–electric egg beater

When I first started making cakes, I used manual ones, I didn’t do it all at all, and then I tried the juicer, and it didn’t work. . Speaking of it, I didn’t even buy the manual eggbeater. I used the chopsticks to buy Dongling’s hand-held electric egg beater every time. It took a long time to pass the protein. After a long time, there was a plastic smell. I didn’t take it back at my parents’ house. If it has expired, it will not be put in. Last year, I bought a little bear’s desktop egg beater, which is so good! It has never failed to fight protein cream, and it doesn’t have to be hand-held, it won’t be tired, and it won’t splash. The 154 I bought at other homes, now rising like the flagship store, put the flagship store directly. However, compared with the noodle function, I tried the dough. The dough went around the stir bar and quickly touched the fuselage. I heard that the motor was a bit burnt. . I haven’t met again since, but I can’t use it after I bought a bread machine.


3. [Electrical articles] must—-electronic scales

I bought the Xiangshan, the activity 19, the electronic scale can take other activities to buy other brands, anyway, if you want to do baking, you must prepare one, I used to play a few dollars to buy that kind of colorful measuring spoon, no Accuracy is not convenient. The use of this electronic scale is still very high. For example, Taobao bought bulk things or fruits. I will call it a name and it is too embarrassed by someone.

4. [Electrical articles] recommended to the hand disabled party —- bread machine

As a hand-disabled party, there has never been a glove film. . The bread is cold and hard like a stone.

It’s like this, you feel it. .

Although bread is cheaper than cake, it is still abandoned, and it is good to make cakes silently. Later, when I bought this bread machine, I didn’t have to manually rub it. It was delicious to make bread, and this is still a smart one. It can be monitored by mobile phone, and it will remind you to add fruit and the like. When I bought it, it was 289. Yes, it is also increasing the price now. But many people recommend this brand. You can look at other models or wait for other activities.


5. [Mold articles] square baking tray

This store is super recommended. I thought that such a cheap quality should be okay. The result is super thick, excellent value for money, and I bought a bread knife here. The quality is also very good. It is my own brand. The square baking tray can be put into one. The cake pieces in many squares are all such 28*28 quantities, so you don’t have to calculate the amount yourself.

Champagne gold non-stick 28cm*28cm (inside size) square one baking tray seamless cake roll

6. [Mold articles] hurricane cake mold

This home is also recommended, the mold is very cheap, the quality is also good, this is enough to buy 6 inches ~ there are continuous mold and macaron model, long handle egg white separator, can be solved in this home, below Do not repeat po

6 inch live bottom cake mold household hurricane cake mold anode thickening oven with baking tools


7. [Mold articles] Melaleuca mold

This is very tasteless, used in microwave ovens, it will be foaming, it is better to go directly to the pot.

Exhibition art 8 inch PP food grade class dish microwave oven layer cake class

8. [Mold articles] Melaleuca mold

It will be used when making a thousand-layer box. It is also very easy to use. For the first time, I made a dozen-layer box and made more than twenty sheets. . . I have been skeptical about life, and I have never done a thousand layers since. . Bring a disposable flower bag when you buy it~

French Baking Layer Cake Box Thousand Layers Moulding Layer 709ml/280ml Making Layers of Bento Tools

9. [Tools] melting bowl

Buttered chocolated gelatin tablets can be used, very thick. However, novices may be underutilized. On-demand~ I also bought molds and cookie cutters for making nougat. The nougat mold is more delicious, and I use the baking tray. Yes, sugar paper is also here. bought


Gourmet production is a must-have kitchen utensil for baking with less effort

Colorful donuts, soft and sweet macarons, Q fluffy buns, hurricane cakes, Portuguese egg tarts, vanilla puffs… For sophisticated food, every time you see all kinds of cute and attractive The cake biscuits are not moving, and they are always coveted. With the popularity of baking heat, more and more people fall in love with baked goods, especially after 80s and 90s, the interest in baking has reached a high level, in addition to their own home-baked baking, and friends to discuss baking knowledge. In addition, they will even go to the training class to learn baking skills.

“Foodies” like to bake their own food.

As the saying goes, “There is a good dough for baking, and baking is half successful.” Perhaps because of this sentence, many users must feel that baking is not difficult, just smashing, squeezing, wiping, and getting It’s ok to put it in the oven, it’s much simpler than cooking. Is this really the case? The author can only say that you think about baking too simple. Even the old driver in the baking industry, the dough and the egg are a headache, how can it be made easily?

Just a whole mess of flour

Really practice, it is not bad to call for help. Take the beginning of the dough and the egg, this skill and effort to scare off a large part of the people who want to bake, the baking products that died in their hands are simply “seller show” and “buy” “Home show”, for the novice, from the almost recipe to the dark dishes with too much difference, the small details will make you fall short.

It seems that the baking has changed.

I forgot what I wanted to do at the beginning.

Many smart users have also chosen some “skills” tools, so mixers, dough mixers, egg beaters… have appeared in our lives. In order to achieve perfect baking, many consumers have all the brains The tools are all purchased again, is this really ok? Spending so much money doesn’t say that in today’s living conditions, so many tools not only make it inconvenient to use, but also make the kitchen a “warehouse” of tools.

This kind of embarrassment, maybe a chef machine can help you get it, the author’s yearning for a chef machine is derived from a food variety show “12-way Fengwei”, the show is most attractive to me is not Nicholas Tse, not every During the period of the guests, but a variety of high-level tools, the chef inside the machine, egg, stirring, omnipotent, so the grass in the heart was planted.

Bosch MUMVC204CN red diamond series chef machine

Is the chef machine really so important for baking? Generally, the middle and west noodles, especially the western noodles, the bread is made by peeling the dough out of the film, so that the bread made will be good. The use of artificial noodles, there are great drawbacks, laborious, time-consuming, easy to dough in the summer, the film has not been filmed, it has been fermented, the probability of failure is relatively high, and the waste of ingredients, so the purchase of a chef machine appears Especially important.

Bosch chef machine can easily solve the problem

The chef machine is a kitchen artifact that every baking enthusiast wants. There are countless brands of chef machines, price segments, motor materials, power, noise, heat dissipation, gears, etc. Many baking enthusiasts will have difficulty in choosing the chef machine. Today, the chef machine that I introduce to you will solve your difficulties. The pure German craftsmanship will give you a different baking experience.

Bosch is one of the largest industrial companies in Germany, with a focus on automotive components and systems, home appliances, consumer electronics, industrial and construction engineering equipment, packaging technology and safety technology. Bosch is famous for its innovative and cutting-edge products and system solutions. With a history of 100 years of home appliance manufacturing, consistent high quality products and a strong commitment to care, Bosch has always been a leader in the European home appliance market. Today, the author brings you What are the mysteries of the Bosch MUMVC204CN red diamond series chef machine? Let the author uncover everyone.

Baking recipes Daquan: baking novice essential recipes

Baking recipes Daquan: baking novice essential recipes

1, the practice of cocoa sponge cake

Raw materials: 600g of eggs, 300g of white sugar, 290g of low-gluten flour, 30g of cocoa powder, 100g of white oil, and an appropriate amount of skim milk.

Appliances: mixing bucket, sieve, small pot, pad paper, cake ring, baking tray, cake board.

System of law:

(1) Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (or 180 ° C on fire, 165 ° C under fire).

(2) The eggs are put into a mixing tank, white sugar is added, and the mixer is whipped until it becomes white and thick.

(3) The low-gluten flour and the cocoa powder are sieved through a sieve, gently poured into a mixing tank, and the melted and cooled white oil and skim milk are added, and the mixture is evenly mixed into a cake.

(4) Put the cake board into the mat paper, put it in the cake circle in the baking tray, and smooth it with your hand and bake it in the oven.

(5) Bake for about 30 minutes. When the cake is completely cooked, remove it and heat it on the cake board. After cooling, it can be used.

2. The practice of chocolate cake

Baking ingredients: 3 egg yolks, 20g of fine sugar, 3 of protein, 30g of fine sugar, 40g of low-gluten flour, 8g of cocoa powder, filling and surface materials: 200g of animal cream, 20g of sugar, brown chocolate pen, white chocolate pen Baking recipes :1. Make cake pieces: separate protein and egg yolk, egg yolk + 20g fine sugar to thick and whitish, spare. 2, the protein is added to the fine sugar 3 times, and the protein can be formed to form a right angle. 3. Take a small amount of protein, put it into the egg yolk paste of step 1, and mix it evenly with a squeegee. After mixing well, pour in most of the remaining protein and mix well.4. Mix the low-gluten flour and cocoa powder into the egg paste and mix well with a rubber spatula until the dry powder is completely invisible. 5, pour into the baking tray with baking paper, bake at 170 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, the surface is elastic to remove, avoid the fire is too large. 6. After baking, the cake piece and the baking paper are taken out from the baking tray, and the baking paper can be peeled off after a little 1-2 minutes of cooling. 7, fresh cream + 20g fine sugar, hit 10% of the hair (scraped with a right angle) 8. The surface of the cake slice is used as the inner layer of the cake roll, and then the whipped cream is applied. 9. After rolling up, put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 10. After setting, apply the remaining fresh cream on the surface of the cake roll, and then cut it into pieces.

3. The practice of vanilla sponge cake

Raw materials: 630g of eggs, 310g of white sugar, 5g of vanillin or vanilla powder, 310g of low-gluten flour, 100g of lettuce oil, and an amount of skim milk.

Appliances: mixing bucket, sieve, padding, cake ring, cake board.

System of law:

(1) Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (or 180 ° C on fire, 165 ° C under fire).

(2) Put the eggs into a mixing tank, add white sugar and vanillin or vanilla powder, and whipped on a blender until thick and white.

(3) Gently mix the sieved flour into the mixing tank, mix well, add lettuce oil and skim milk, and continue to mix until it becomes a cake.

(4) Put the cake division into the cake circle in the baking tray, and smooth it with your hand and bake it in the oven.

(5) After baking for about 30 minutes, the cake is completely cooked and taken out, covered with hot cake on the cake board, and then used after cooling.

4. The practice of low-fat red jujube cake

Low-fat red jujube cake (reference component: 12 small cakes with a diameter of 4CM)

The fat content is not high, and there is a strong red jujube flavor, which is delicious and nourished.

Ingredients: 90 grams of flour, 60 grams of brown sugar, 1 egg, 135 grams of dried red dates, 135 grams of water, 30 grams of butter, 3 grams of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (2.5ML)

Baking: the middle layer of the oven, fire up and down 180 degrees, about 15 minutes

Baking recipes :1. Red dates are removed and cut with a knife (try to cut a little). 2. Cut the red dates into a small pot, add water, and cook until the water is open. 3. After boiling, add baking soda and mix well, then add butter and stir until the butter melts. Finally, brown sugar is added and stirred until the brown sugar dissolves. 4. Mix the low-gluten flour with the baking powder and pour the mixture from the third step into the flour. 5. Pour in the broken eggs. 6. Mix evenly with a rubber spatula. Use the way from the bottom to the top, do not draw a circle of stirring. 7. After the flour is completely wet, stop mixing. 8. Pour the batter into the mold, 7 minutes full. Immediately put the mold into a preheated oven at 180 degrees, and bake the middle layer for about 15 minutes until the cake is fully swelled. Use a toothpick to plunge into the center of the cake and pull it out. There is no residue on the toothpick, which means the cake is baked.

5. The practice of orange sponge cake

Raw materials: 500g of egg, 300g of white sugar, 5g of fine salt, 200g of low-gluten flour, 5g of baking powder, appropriate amount of skim milk, 50g of orange juice, and 75g of lettuce oil.

Appliances: mixing bucket, mixing bowl, sieve, padding paper, cake ring, cake board.

System of law:

(1) Preheat the oven to 170 ° C (or 175 ° C on fire, 160 ° C under fire), put a pad on the baking tray, and then put the cake ring for later use.

(2) Divide the egg into egg yolk and protein for use.

(3) Pour egg yolk, fine salt and half sugar into the mixing tank, stir it to thicken and whiten, then add low-gluten flour and baking powder, skimmed milk and fragrant juice and lettuce oil, all mixed Evenly.

(4) Put the protein and the other half of the sugar into another mixing tank, stir it into a soft foam, stir in the egg yolk mixture, mix well, put it into the spare cake ring, and smooth it into the oven. bake.

(5) Bake for about 40 minutes until the cake is completely cooked and taken out. Cover it on the cake plate and cool it before use.

6. The practice of yellow peach crystal cake

Baking materials:

Mousse filling: 250g of canned peaches, 40g of sugar, 3 pieces of gelatin, 350g of whipped cream

Jelly layer: orange juice 200g, gelatin 4 tablets, silver beads, yellow peach 100g Cake embryo: two pieces of 8 inch hurricane cake

Baking recipes :

1. Yellow peach is beaten into a pulp.

2. Add the sugar to the yellow peach pulp and cook it on low heat. Put the gelatin which is soaked in cold water into the peach juice and stir until it melts.3, light cream to 60% of the hair, divided into yellow peach pulp, mix well, that is mousse stuffing. 4, take a piece of cake in an 8-inch live bottom mold, pour half of the mousse stuffing; put another piece of cake, pour the remaining mousse stuffing, smooth the surface, into the refrigerator to freeze and solidify, about 3 hours can. 5, fight yellow peach blossoms. It is very simple to slice the yellow peaches and fold them into flowers. 6. Make a jelly layer. Heat 200g of fruit water, add gelatin which is soaked in cold water, stir until it melts, and let it cool at room temperature. Take out the solidified mousse filling, pour the lukewarm jelly water on the surface, and freeze it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. After cooling, the peach blossoms are decorated on the jelly layer. 7, demoulding. Use a cup to pad the mold, blow the side of the mold wall with a blower, and quickly release the mold. Surrounded by transparent mousse, tied with ribbons and embellished with silver beads. 8, the card is hand-made, hey, can be loaded into the cake box.

7. The practice of almond sponge cake

Raw materials: 500g of egg, 250g of white sugar, appropriate amount of skim milk, 240g of low-gluten flour, 80g of almond powder, 50g of melted butter oil.

Appliances: mixing bucket, sieve, padding, cake ring, cake board.

Baking recipes :

(1) Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (or 180 ° C on fire, 170 ° C under fire), put a pad on the baking tray, and then put the cake ring for later use.

(2) Put the eggs into the mixing tank, add the sugar, stir the mixer to whitening and form a thick milky foam, add the appropriate amount of skim milk, and switch to medium or low speed for a while.

(3) Carefully mix the sieved low-gluten flour and almond powder, mix well, then add the melted white oil, mix well, put into the spare cake ring, and bake in the oven.

(4) Bake for about 30 minutes, take it out when the cake is completely cooked, cover it on the cake board, and use it after cooling.

8. The practice of jujube cake

Baking ingredients:

90 grams of low-gluten flour, 60 grams of brown sugar, 1 egg, 135 grams of dried red dates, 135 grams of water, 30 grams of butter, 3 grams of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (2.5ML) Baking: the middle layer of the oven, fire up and down 180 degrees, about 15 minutes

Production process:

1. Red dates are removed and cut with a knife (try to cut a little). 2. Cut the red dates into a small pot, add water, and cook until the water is open. 3. After boiling, add baking soda and mix well, then add butter and stir until the butter melts. Finally, brown sugar is added and stirred until the brown sugar dissolves.4. Mix the low-gluten flour with the baking powder and pour the mixture from the third step into the flour. 5. Pour in the broken eggs. 6. Mix evenly with a rubber spatula. Use the way from the bottom to the top, do not draw a circle of stirring.7. After the flour is completely wet, stop mixing. 8. Pour the batter into the mold, 7 minutes full. Immediately put the mold into a preheated oven at 180 degrees, and bake the middle layer for about 15 minutes until the cake is fully swelled. Use a toothpick to plunge into the center of the cake and pull it out. There is no residue on the toothpick, which means the cake is baked.

Baking God assists, essential tools for beginners

Desserts always have a magical power. When you are in a good mood, you will feel more relaxed and happy. When you are in a bad mood, you can have a healing feeling. If you can make these delicious desserts yourself, it is just happy. Double, the sense of accomplishment is full, but to enter the pit of baking, there must be a variety of tools.

The first is the steamer with multiple functional modes.

This steaming oven is equipped with all kinds of smart recipes, one-button baking, and white can also successfully make delicious cakes. Whether it is tender roasting mode or multiple baking modes, it can be operated quickly with the touch of a button. Variable temperature fermentation function, easy to make bread, hot air in the back, evenly heated, baked food, color, taste all meet your discerning taste buds.

Egg beater quickly sends eggs

The egg beater is the basic tool for baking. Compared with the chopsticks used in normal times, the egg beater is quicker and labor-saving. The egg is used well, and the silicone handle is used. It is not easy to use when it is used, and it is more convenient to use. It’s a must-have gadget in the kitchen.

Colorful baking mold

Want to make exquisite snacks, how to make a proper baking mold? The mold is preferably made of heavy-duty carbon steel, which is not easy to be deformed and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, the mold is light and easy to use. When making cakes, you can also choose a mold with a non-stick coating. After baking, it is better to sip and easy to clean.

This baking tool is the most used and most upgraded.

After playing baking for so many years, there are more than a dozen scrapers that I have used in my hands. Long short, big small, thick thin, heavy light, integrated non-integrated…some After using it once or twice, I entered the cold palace because I didn’t pick up my hand. Some of them became a good helper on my baking road. The Cakeland scraper is a good scraper that has been difficult to remove since it was started.

How to use it properly, the following video is enough to explain everything.

For baking enthusiasts, the scraper is a everyday tool. Cut, mix, and scrape… Whenever you make a cake, you can’t help it in almost every aspect. For this normally super high frequency of use of equipment, the election selection of high quality so that they are even easier in the process of baking, the absolute is a very necessary thing.

A few years ago, the first long grass Cakeland scraper, naturally because it is the famous Japanese dessert master Xiao Xiaoliumei recommended scraper . As everyone knows, Teacher Xiao Xiao is a teacher who is constantly pursuing perfection in the details of baking. She is able to let her personally recommend the recommended baking utensils, which must be extraordinary.

Cakeland is a national brand of Japanese bakery products . Cakeland molds and scrapers can be found everywhere in Japanese grocery stores…

Sure enough, the texture of the Cakeland scraper conquered me as soon as I got it. Although the appearance is simple white, the overall smooth line design still has a high sense of unstoppable .

The wide width of the knife means that the scraper is more efficient. The handle is slender and the grip is very comfortable. From the edge of the blade, the back of the knife to the handle, the edges are treated very delicately and smoothly, and the detail is full.

In addition to the value of the face, it is of course practical to be more important as a baking utensil. To tell the truth, a Cakeland scraper is tens of dollars in the domestic price, which is really not cheap. However, from the first day I used it, I felt that it was really worth the money. I said that there is no harm without comparison. Let me buy a cheap ordinary scraper in the supermarket to compare it with Cakeland’s scraper and see where the Cakeland scraper is.

The hardness of the knife surface is just right, which is good for cake paste and batter.

The first thing to compare is the most important part of the scraper – the knife face. I used the same strength to test the hardness of the two scraper faces, the gap is quite obvious, see the picture below. The blade of a common scraper is soft enough to be bent almost entirely. This degree of softness and hardness is actually completely ineffective when it is being turned over.

Many novices have misunderstandings when mixing cake pastes. They always think that vigorously mixing will make the cake paste defoam, so the operation is particularly timid. When choosing a scraper, I also like to choose a soft texture. I feel that this will be mixed up. More “soft”.

But in fact, the defoaming of the cake paste is not the strength of the mixing, but the unstable egg liquid and the wrong way of mixing. Too soft scraper blade surface, the efficiency of pushing the cake paste when the bottom is overturned is actually very low, but it prolongs the time of turning over and causes defoaming; such a knife face is also difficult to turn the cake paste out. The glossiness affects the delicateness of the final finished cake tissue.

In comparison, the hardness of the Cakeland blade is really suitable. I remember the first time I saw the video of the sponge cake paste mixing technique on the Internet for the first time a few years ago, I felt that her mix was really decisive and powerful, and the efficiency was very high. At that time, she held it in her hand. This is the Cakeland scraper. Soon after that, I also started this scraper, and I really realized the kind of hearty touch.

In addition to mixing the cake paste, the Cakeland scraper is quite time-saving and handy when it is mixed with macarons batter, which has a low water content and a hard texture, and even a cookie dough. Before @TheRed teacher opened the rose raspberry lychee macaron live class in the kitchen studio, demonstrating the method of turning the macarons batter, it is the use of this Cakeland scraper.

@TheRed teacher demonstrates how to mix macarons batter in the kitchen studio online class

The edge of the blade is carefully treated and the blade is clean.

In addition to whether the mixing is to force or not , the cleanness of the scraper is also an important indicator when we choose the scraper . In general, our perception is that the softer the scraper should be, the more clean the pot can be. So many people will have some doubts when they just got Cakeland’s scraper. This knife face feels a bit hard. Can you really scrape the bottom of the basin?

This time I tested with a creamy cream that was weaker than the cake paste. The Cakeland scraper scrapes down, and the pot wall is instantly clean, just like the clouds.

The secret of the cleansing of the scraper is that the Cakeland scraper is very smooth and smooth at the edge of the blade,which makes it only a little force, and the blade part fits perfectly on the basin wall. The cream is scraped clean.

In contrast, ordinary scrapers are very rough on the edge, so there is no straight line.

The Cakeland scraper not only scrapes the arc-shaped pelvic floor, but also has a right-angled edge that scrapes the cake from the corner of the baking pan. It is effortless.



If you want to enter the baking pit, you need these good things, and the conscience recommends that you buy baking utensils and baking ingredients.

Before you learn to bake, you need to know if you really like baking. If you just want to do it for a while, it is recommended not to buy these appliances. I will introduce you to some of the things you need to buy.

A. Baking utensils recommended

1. Of course, the first thing to buy is the oven. A small oven of about two to three hundred yuan can also meet the daily needs of baking. However, if you want to play more professionally, you can change to a large oven. In recent years, embedded ovens have been welcomed by everyone, with large capacity and intelligence, saving more kitchen space. It should be noted that in the temperature control, no matter what the price, the same oven will have a certain degree of temperature error, which needs constant testing and adjustment every day to be able to run-in, and baking will naturally become convenient.

2. Electric egg beater: The main reference is the “power” of the electric egg beater. Better with more power, with a more adjustable speed gear. Select an electric egg beater for egg liquid, butter and other materials. Of course, you should also prepare a manual egg beater.

3. Flour sieve: flour, milk powder and other powder materials, with flour granules, the taste will be bad.

4. Stainless steel basin: container for egg liquid and grease, at least two are prepared. Generally, stainless steel and glass products are the best. When baking, the frequency of use is high. The circular basin of the cylinder must be selected. .

5. Measuring cups and spoons: Measuring cups are mainly used for a large amount of liquid and the main powder for baking. Usually, it is a group of three spoons with 1 tablespoon, 1 spoon and 1/2 teaspoon, and 15 ml with 1 large spoon. 1 tsp 5 ml, 1/2 spoon 3 mm, very convenient for manual operation. Weigh a small amount of powder or liquid, such as baking powder, vanilla powder, lemon juice, tower powder, and the like.

6. Baking mold: When making a cake, a basic mold of 6 inches or 8 inches is basically required.

7. Insulated gloves: Protect your hands. We usually give away when we buy an oven, so we don’t have to prepare it ourselves.

2. Recommended baking ingredients

1. High-gluten flour: The main ingredient of bread, also known as “bread flour”, produces gluten that makes bread more delicious.

2. Low-gluten flour: low-gluten, generally used for cakes or small west, it is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, and must be screened before use.

3. Corn Starch: It can be used to replace some flour to make the cake more delicate and soft. Because cornstarch has no “gluten”, adding it will reduce the gluten of the flour.

4. Eggs: One of the most commonly used ingredients in baking. Egg protein has a rich nutritional value and has a coagulation effect in baked products. After baking, they play an important role in the growth of the cake volume. The egg yolk contains high fat and is useful for products with low fat content.

5. Granulated sugar: Fine sugar is usually used in baking. When the batter is stirred, it dissolves easily and even adsorbs more oil. It produces a more uniform pore structure that allows the cake to color, moisturize and extend storage time.

6. Butter: Extracted from milk, divided into salt and salt-free, usually with salt-free butter. Making cookies is often used and is critical, so try to choose the best butter for the cookies.

7. Milk: It can improve the quality of cakes and pastry, increase the color, taste and aroma of the products, increase the moisture of the cake, make the tissue more delicate, replace the water and noodles, and also make the filling and milk cream decoration.

8. Light cream: Use animal butter without trans fatty acids, delicious and healthy. It should be stored in the cold room and used up as soon as possible after opening.

9. Yeast powder: small granular, used for bread, taro and other hair cakes, can be mixed with other materials, should be placed in an opaque container for refrigeration.

10. Salt: used for seasoning or adding flavor, reducing the greasy feel of the product, while also increasing the toughness and elasticity of the dough.

The above introduction is some of the more commonly used raw materials, and no specific recommendations have been made here.

Baking novice must-have items, boyfriend looked straight praise!

Everyone is a hidden item of food, although not everyone can turn a recipe back, but when it comes to baking small desserts, you can always say egg tarts, macarons, cookies, cranberry cookies, puffs. Wait until the delicious name of the drooling. In order to make a small dessert to express love to the other half, even many people spend money to sign up for learning, in fact, at home can also learn to bake small desserts, not difficult!

Just search the recipes for making desserts on the Internet, according to the amount and steps. The key is to use baking tools and a smart quality oven. The unskilled oven is likely to have baking problems because it does not automatically The technology of temperature control; so even if you are a novice baking no matter, hand is not a problem, not the choice of tools and oven is a big problem!

1. Smart oven adds extra points to dessert

All the steps before putting it into the oven need only step by step. The key is the final baking part. Adjust the temperature and heating time to be heated according to the ingredients to be baked. You only need to press the button and the rest will be given to the smart. The oven, the heating system used inside, can make the baked sweet aroma more attractive, the appearance is more beautiful and the taste is better, the taste is more intense.

This electric oven is embedded and can be directly installed in the kitchen cabinet to fix it, does not occupy the extra space of the kitchen, and adopts double probe temperature control technology to accurately detect the temperature of the cavity and control the baking heat at any time. 360 comprehensive Evenly heated dessert; 6-stage baking mode to meet the needs of different tastes, play the delicious dessert.

2. Steamer steamed dessert is more nutritious

Recently, the steamed cake that has been popular all over the country has been eaten by many people who love dessert as a daily snack, because it not only has a softer and softer taste, but also adds more nutrition is one of the keys to being loved; at home Put a steamer to make a steamed dessert, not only to satisfy the taste buds, but also to be healthy and healthy, and the steamer has diversified functions and excellent strength.

This embedded intelligent steamer adopts dynamic steam balance technology to eliminate the exhaust gas in the box in time, ensuring no odor inside the box and avoiding food odor; sufficient steam continues to maintain constant temperature, the food can be fully mature, and the top has auxiliary heating. Designed to prevent the steam from sublimating the condensate soaking the food, so that the food color and nutrients are not damaged.

3. Baking Daren Tool Set

Don’t look at the baking tools are small things, but it is a little inconvenient to use, it is easy to become a failure in the whole baking process. If it is not a complete set of baking tools, a certain link may be missing. The tool is very cumbersome, and the set of baking tools is easy to use and better with the partner.

This must-have baking kit is quick and quick to identify a variety of small tools. It is made of food grade silicone material, which has excellent high temperature resistance and does not cause the dough to stick to the mold. The division of labor is clear. The various baking utensils only need to be used in accordance with the instructions, and the cleaning is very convenient after use, which is very worry-free.

4. Perfect with homemade coffee

Every time I see the white-collar workers in the TV series, the afternoon tea is all coffee and dessert. In fact, I can live this elegant life at home. When the dessert is baked in the oven, I can free time to use the coffee machine. A pot of coffee, bathing in the sun with your lover, drinking coffee and eating dessert, enjoying a sweet, romantic and warm world of two.

The advantage of the automatic coffee machine is to save time and manpower. The pump-type design is equipped with a two-in-one coffee filter handle, which makes the coffee that is brewed more concentrated and smooth, soft and smooth; it can be easily achieved by the standard pump pressure of 15 bar. The extraction pressure, the thick coffee oil makes the Italian coffee taste thicker; the innovative technology of constant temperature heating, let you drink hot steam in 40 seconds, warm to the stomach.

Yogurt cake that can be made without the oven, no oil and low sugar, refreshing and not greasy, delicious and not on fire!

Today, I teach you to make a steamed yogurt cake. You only need to send egg whites, but you don’t need an oven. A lot of friends who don’t have an oven are relieved. The old man and the child in the steamed cake can eat, don’t worry about eating the baked cake and getting angry. Formulated with no oil and low sugar, it is refreshing and unburdened. It is not so sinful to eat a piece in the middle of the night. Learn quickly!

【Yogurt Cake 】

Ingredients preparation: 70 grams of low-gluten flour, 100 grams of plain yogurt, 3 eggs, 25 grams of fine sugar, and the right amount of olive oil (used to mold).

Production steps:

1. Prepare two water-free and oil-free pots, separate the egg yolk with egg spoon, and note that there should be no egg yolk in the protein, otherwise it will affect the hair. (If there is no egg separator, you can use the eggshell to repeatedly hold the egg yolk to separate, be careful not to break the egg yolk, and freeze the protein after separation.)

2. Sift the low-gluten flour and pour it into the pot of egg yolk. This step can not be lazy, sifting in order to prevent the flour from clumping and avoiding convulsions after mixing.

3, add yogurt, stir the ingredients with a spatula, stir until smooth and no particles.

4. Use an electric egg beater to send the protein in one direction and add the fine sugar three times. It can be sent to wet foam or dry foam. The cake made by the former is softer, and the latter will be more flexible. You can decide according to your own taste.

5. Pour 1/3 of the protein into the egg yolk paste and gently cross the cross with a spatula. Be careful not to stir the circle and the protein will defoam.

6. Pour the mixed egg paste back into the remaining egg white and mix gently in the same way.

Put a layer of olive oil on the 7-inch cake mold and scrape the egg paste into the mold with a spatula.

8. Take the cake mold to the flat 30cm away from the tabletop, and shake off the big bubbles. This step of neglecting the value of the face can be omitted.

9. Seal the cake mouth with plastic wrap and place in a steamer. Steam for 20 minutes on medium heat. (Poke in with chopsticks, the chopsticks are cooked without a paste.)

10, steamed cakes take out and then release the mold, you can sprinkle some dried fruit as a decoration.

highly recommended! 5 minutes to teach you to buy 10 entry-level baking utensils correctly

We will give you a comprehensive science from the selection and use of ovens, electric egg beaters, electronic scales, scrapers and other appliances. It is the most conscience equipment purchase guide in the baking industry. It is strongly recommended that you recommend collection.

Oven purchase

The oven is a must-have for every roaster, and the non-famous roasting master, Shulin, said: You are only one oven away from the baking master.

It can be seen that the importance of the oven in baking is no less than the position of the Dragon Sword in the rivers and lakes. So how do you choose the oven?

What kind of desktop, mosaic, etc. for the family depends on how you like it, but the capacity is at least 30L or more (focus).

Why is this? Because the capacity is large enough, it will be evenly heated, and there will be less scorching on one side, and if you want to bake a super invincible loaf, if the oven can’t fit, it will affect your mood.

Grill a chicken together

There is also a strong recommendation to buy an oven with air convection! ! ! You can feel the necessity when baking cookies, and don’t use this function for breads and cakes unless you want to eat rusks and cakes.

There is also a function that sounds very powerful, called the upper and lower tubes to independently control the temperature. This function is summed up in one sentence: you can set the temperature up and down differently.

A lot of tutorials have the requirement of temperature up and down, so if you don’t know how to do it, it’s better to spend more money.

Ovens usually cost 300-400 yuan to meet the needs of home baking. Also don’t ask if you can replace it with a microwave oven, no! ! ! No! ! ! No! ! ! (Important things say three times).

Egg beater

Why buy electric, not manual? You can find out how tired you are by buying a manual one. Although electric is more expensive than manual, it will not exceed 100 yuan.

But when you are sending protein, whole eggs, butter, and butter, you will thank the ancestors who invented the electric and electric egg beaters! ! !

However, you also need to buy one manually, because a lot of stirring action needs to be done, but the scraper can also be replaced, but the manual is really cute, anyway, I am willing to spend 10 dollars to buy one.

Cooking pot

Ceramic and plastic materials can not be bought (marked)! Because they are very unreliable, often the eggs are still not broken, the basin is broken first. So be sure to buy stainless steel. And it’s going to be deep, or else it’s going to be sprayed everywhere, just like an egg and a fight, it’s very bad.

Measuring spoon

A set of measuring spoons. Dry up? A small spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, can not be said, can only use a spoon, if not, then look at the mood plus. It is not expensive, a dozen or so is quite good, or a set.

Flour sieve

Don’t ask why the flour must be screened. Anyway, it is necessary to fish together. Do a few times, you have the answer, practice the truth


The scraper only requires a little, the one that is made of silicone. What is one-piece molding? It is not a few parts connected by the interface, the silica gel is formed in one go, seamlessly formed. Be sure to buy a rubber squeegee, which is better than hard ones.

Baking paper

Can effectively prevent the adhesion of the cake and the old Pan, easy to clean, do not want to waste can buy high-temperature tarpaulin that can be used repeatedly, do macarons also used.

As for those silicone pads that can replace baking paper and tarpaulin, personally feel that tarpaulin and baking paper are good and safe.