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In recent years, family baking has gradually become popular, and many friends around me are interested in baking, and are also preparing or already starting to do it at home. First, the materials you make yourself are assured, and the second is that you can get the recognition from people around you. It is also a very happy thing!

At the same time, as a newbie, what should I pay attention to when buying something~ Many people are very confused…

Ok, let’s talk about baking today, this serious and sweet topic~~~

First of all, the warm reminder: baking is a pit! A sweet pit~~~

Baking, the must-have is of course the oven. So, what kind of suit is it suitable as a household oven?

First, the oven. First, choose a basic fully functional household oven. The functions of the oven are mainly: one is to control the temperature; the other is to have a timing function; the third is to have two upper and lower heating tubes, and the upper and lower sides can be heated at the same time, or can be separately controlled; the fourth is that the oven has at least three layers or three layers. Above; fifth is the capacity suggestion is 30L or more, but the household is not necessary too much; the sixth is best to bring the fermentation function, when baking bread, fermentation in the oven will save a lot.

Brands, there are many brands on the market, whether it is old brands or new brands, the technology is relatively mature, the function is similar, you can choose according to needs and price; general household, recommend Bai Cui, Changdi, ACA, beautiful These brands can be used; high-end, such as Panasonic, Kas, boss, Westinghouse, etc. are all OK. As for other functions such as steaming, look at your personal choices.

Second, the bread machine. For those who like to eat bread, it is recommended to buy a bread machine. Because you can lazy, with a one-button mode, you can eat a fragrant loaf, like to roast yourself, you can also use the bread machine to make noodles and noodles, after shaping, then roast in the oven, it is quite troublesome.

And now the bread machine is not expensive and fully functional. Basic functions are available, the main choice points are the brand, the heating tube and some auxiliary functions. Regarding the brand, you can choose Panasonic if you don’t have money. In general, Bai Cui/ACA/Dongling/Beauty, these are all possible.

Third, the chef machine. About the chef machine, it is a relatively professional machine. The main function is to stir and send, such as dough, butter, egg white and butter. You can use your chef machine to liberate your hands. However, compared with the hand-held egg beater, the volume is large. If the home kitchen is not very spacious, there is not much use in the usual time. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t need a chef machine. Because we can use the bread machine for the dough, we can use the hand-held electric egg beater.

Fourth, gadgets. Now generally buy an oven, will send a lot of gifts, such as eggbeater, electronic scales, so other small tools, see how much to send, then look at what else to buy.

1. Electric egg beater. This is absolutely essential. Otherwise, relying on your hands and wanting to send protein, butter or cream, you can get a lot of time and effort. And often fail to discuss.

There is no special function in the eggbeater, that is, the speed is divided into several files, generally 5 files is enough (in fact, I feel no problem when I use two files). For the brand, Qihe is an old brand that specializes in eggbeaters. Other big brands can also be used for one point. Some of the cheaper ones mainly look at the quality of the motor, and the poor quality of the continuous playing time is too long to burn out.

2, egg pumping. In addition to the electric egg beater, the manual egg beater is the egg pumping, which is also a must. Because some do not need to be sent, it is necessary to use this egg. As long as the material is strong, work can be done.

3. Electronic scales. This is also a must. Everyone can understand the recipe, because the baked things are all accurate weight. It is not like Chinese food. It is based on experience to put materials and spices. Some materials for baking are even accurate to a few grams, so it is best to choose an electronic scale that is accurate to 0.1 grams. Brands, general households can be, and must choose, Xiangshan / Bai Cui / learning kitchen are good.

4, cooking machine. It is best to have one. Because some need to be muddy or powdered, you must use the cooking machine! Or you can use a fruit puree and squeeze a juice. Brand, anyway, the price of a share, choose it yourself. Generally used, more than one hundred dollars is not bad.

5, beat the egg pot. It is best to match two or three, the size is different, it is convenient to use. Because, for example, protein, it must be water-free and oil-free. It is not always good to use a pot filled with vegetables. This choice is what you like.

6, powder sieve. It is also a must! Because when making cookies or cakes. It is necessary to screen the low-gluten flour again, not only to ensure that the flour is clean, but the most important thing is to make the flour and the air better contacted by sifting, and the biscuits or cakes made will be more fluffy and delicious. Some homes have soymilk machines, and the sieve inside can be used. If not, just buy one.

7, silicone scraper. A must-have artifact for making cakes. When you use it, you will know how easy it is to use this thing. It’s a clean one! It is recommended to choose one, easy to clean. Large must-have, if you like, you can buy it from big, medium and small!

8. Kneading mat. When you want to make some biscuits that need to be molded, or make bread, steamed bread, you must have it! There are a lot of online materials, there are different materials, there is no special good or bad, anyway, buy materials, no worries, just choose yourself~

9, cake mold. The water of this thing is very deep. Why do you say the water is deep, because as you increase your baking hobby, you will find that you don’t want too many molds to buy! Metal/silica gel, round square, big small…variety, endlessly buy and buy! ! !

However, the most basic round cake mold is best to have one, 6 inch or 8 inch can be ~ to buy a live bottom, demoulding is convenient. If you want to make a hurricane cake, don’t choose non-sticky, because the cake body of the hurricane cake climbs up along the mold. If you use anti-stick, it is too exhausting to climb, you have to choose A silver live bottom hurricane cake mold!

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