Bake this big pit! Share the super easy to use baking products you bought~

This is a shopping summary of baking products~ In fact, I started to contact baking a long time ago, that is, I will do it occasionally, but I have never done anything decent. . I started to do more last year. Although I love to do it, I am still fat. .

1. [Electrical articles] the most important —- oven

I bought a red envelope in October last year, and I got it at 104. Now it is gone. The one I bought before my dad was too small. This 30L is usually used. Oven I feel that I can do it according to my own budget and needs. I use it almost the same, that is, to slowly master its “spleen”, the temperature is high or low, and it takes a long time to buy a thermometer to measure the internal temperature.

2. [Electrical articles] must—–electric egg beater

When I first started making cakes, I used manual ones, I didn’t do it all at all, and then I tried the juicer, and it didn’t work. . Speaking of it, I didn’t even buy the manual eggbeater. I used the chopsticks to buy Dongling’s hand-held electric egg beater every time. It took a long time to pass the protein. After a long time, there was a plastic smell. I didn’t take it back at my parents’ house. If it has expired, it will not be put in. Last year, I bought a little bear’s desktop egg beater, which is so good! It has never failed to fight protein cream, and it doesn’t have to be hand-held, it won’t be tired, and it won’t splash. The 154 I bought at other homes, now rising like the flagship store, put the flagship store directly. However, compared with the noodle function, I tried the dough. The dough went around the stir bar and quickly touched the fuselage. I heard that the motor was a bit burnt. . I haven’t met again since, but I can’t use it after I bought a bread machine.


3. [Electrical articles] must—-electronic scales

I bought the Xiangshan, the activity 19, the electronic scale can take other activities to buy other brands, anyway, if you want to do baking, you must prepare one, I used to play a few dollars to buy that kind of colorful measuring spoon, no Accuracy is not convenient. The use of this electronic scale is still very high. For example, Taobao bought bulk things or fruits. I will call it a name and it is too embarrassed by someone.

4. [Electrical articles] recommended to the hand disabled party —- bread machine

As a hand-disabled party, there has never been a glove film. . The bread is cold and hard like a stone.

It’s like this, you feel it. .

Although bread is cheaper than cake, it is still abandoned, and it is good to make cakes silently. Later, when I bought this bread machine, I didn’t have to manually rub it. It was delicious to make bread, and this is still a smart one. It can be monitored by mobile phone, and it will remind you to add fruit and the like. When I bought it, it was 289. Yes, it is also increasing the price now. But many people recommend this brand. You can look at other models or wait for other activities.


5. [Mold articles] square baking tray

This store is super recommended. I thought that such a cheap quality should be okay. The result is super thick, excellent value for money, and I bought a bread knife here. The quality is also very good. It is my own brand. The square baking tray can be put into one. The cake pieces in many squares are all such 28*28 quantities, so you don’t have to calculate the amount yourself.

Champagne gold non-stick 28cm*28cm (inside size) square one baking tray seamless cake roll

6. [Mold articles] hurricane cake mold

This home is also recommended, the mold is very cheap, the quality is also good, this is enough to buy 6 inches ~ there are continuous mold and macaron model, long handle egg white separator, can be solved in this home, below Do not repeat po

6 inch live bottom cake mold household hurricane cake mold anode thickening oven with baking tools


7. [Mold articles] Melaleuca mold

This is very tasteless, used in microwave ovens, it will be foaming, it is better to go directly to the pot.

Exhibition art 8 inch PP food grade class dish microwave oven layer cake class

8. [Mold articles] Melaleuca mold

It will be used when making a thousand-layer box. It is also very easy to use. For the first time, I made a dozen-layer box and made more than twenty sheets. . . I have been skeptical about life, and I have never done a thousand layers since. . Bring a disposable flower bag when you buy it~

French Baking Layer Cake Box Thousand Layers Moulding Layer 709ml/280ml Making Layers of Bento Tools

9. [Tools] melting bowl

Buttered chocolated gelatin tablets can be used, very thick. However, novices may be underutilized. On-demand~ I also bought molds and cookie cutters for making nougat. The nougat mold is more delicious, and I use the baking tray. Yes, sugar paper is also here. bought


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