Gourmet production is a must-have kitchen utensil for baking with less effort

Colorful donuts, soft and sweet macarons, Q fluffy buns, hurricane cakes, Portuguese egg tarts, vanilla puffs… For sophisticated food, every time you see all kinds of cute and attractive The cake biscuits are not moving, and they are always coveted. With the popularity of baking heat, more and more people fall in love with baked goods, especially after 80s and 90s, the interest in baking has reached a high level, in addition to their own home-baked baking, and friends to discuss baking knowledge. In addition, they will even go to the training class to learn baking skills.

“Foodies” like to bake their own food.

As the saying goes, “There is a good dough for baking, and baking is half successful.” Perhaps because of this sentence, many users must feel that baking is not difficult, just smashing, squeezing, wiping, and getting It’s ok to put it in the oven, it’s much simpler than cooking. Is this really the case? The author can only say that you think about baking too simple. Even the old driver in the baking industry, the dough and the egg are a headache, how can it be made easily?

Just a whole mess of flour

Really practice, it is not bad to call for help. Take the beginning of the dough and the egg, this skill and effort to scare off a large part of the people who want to bake, the baking products that died in their hands are simply “seller show” and “buy” “Home show”, for the novice, from the almost recipe to the dark dishes with too much difference, the small details will make you fall short.

It seems that the baking has changed.

I forgot what I wanted to do at the beginning.

Many smart users have also chosen some “skills” tools, so mixers, dough mixers, egg beaters… have appeared in our lives. In order to achieve perfect baking, many consumers have all the brains The tools are all purchased again, is this really ok? Spending so much money doesn’t say that in today’s living conditions, so many tools not only make it inconvenient to use, but also make the kitchen a “warehouse” of tools.

This kind of embarrassment, maybe a chef machine can help you get it, the author’s yearning for a chef machine is derived from a food variety show “12-way Fengwei”, the show is most attractive to me is not Nicholas Tse, not every During the period of the guests, but a variety of high-level tools, the chef inside the machine, egg, stirring, omnipotent, so the grass in the heart was planted.

Bosch MUMVC204CN red diamond series chef machine

Is the chef machine really so important for baking? Generally, the middle and west noodles, especially the western noodles, the bread is made by peeling the dough out of the film, so that the bread made will be good. The use of artificial noodles, there are great drawbacks, laborious, time-consuming, easy to dough in the summer, the film has not been filmed, it has been fermented, the probability of failure is relatively high, and the waste of ingredients, so the purchase of a chef machine appears Especially important.

Bosch chef machine can easily solve the problem

The chef machine is a kitchen artifact that every baking enthusiast wants. There are countless brands of chef machines, price segments, motor materials, power, noise, heat dissipation, gears, etc. Many baking enthusiasts will have difficulty in choosing the chef machine. Today, the chef machine that I introduce to you will solve your difficulties. The pure German craftsmanship will give you a different baking experience.

Bosch is one of the largest industrial companies in Germany, with a focus on automotive components and systems, home appliances, consumer electronics, industrial and construction engineering equipment, packaging technology and safety technology. Bosch is famous for its innovative and cutting-edge products and system solutions. With a history of 100 years of home appliance manufacturing, consistent high quality products and a strong commitment to care, Bosch has always been a leader in the European home appliance market. Today, the author brings you What are the mysteries of the Bosch MUMVC204CN red diamond series chef machine? Let the author uncover everyone.

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