This baking tool is the most used and most upgraded.

After playing baking for so many years, there are more than a dozen scrapers that I have used in my hands. Long short, big small, thick thin, heavy light, integrated non-integrated…some After using it once or twice, I entered the cold palace because I didn’t pick up my hand. Some of them became a good helper on my baking road. The Cakeland scraper is a good scraper that has been difficult to remove since it was started.

How to use it properly, the following video is enough to explain everything.

For baking enthusiasts, the scraper is a everyday tool. Cut, mix, and scrape… Whenever you make a cake, you can’t help it in almost every aspect. For this normally super high frequency of use of equipment, the election selection of high quality so that they are even easier in the process of baking, the absolute is a very necessary thing.

A few years ago, the first long grass Cakeland scraper, naturally because it is the famous Japanese dessert master Xiao Xiaoliumei recommended scraper . As everyone knows, Teacher Xiao Xiao is a teacher who is constantly pursuing perfection in the details of baking. She is able to let her personally recommend the recommended baking utensils, which must be extraordinary.

Cakeland is a national brand of Japanese bakery products . Cakeland molds and scrapers can be found everywhere in Japanese grocery stores…

Sure enough, the texture of the Cakeland scraper conquered me as soon as I got it. Although the appearance is simple white, the overall smooth line design still has a high sense of unstoppable .

The wide width of the knife means that the scraper is more efficient. The handle is slender and the grip is very comfortable. From the edge of the blade, the back of the knife to the handle, the edges are treated very delicately and smoothly, and the detail is full.

In addition to the value of the face, it is of course practical to be more important as a baking utensil. To tell the truth, a Cakeland scraper is tens of dollars in the domestic price, which is really not cheap. However, from the first day I used it, I felt that it was really worth the money. I said that there is no harm without comparison. Let me buy a cheap ordinary scraper in the supermarket to compare it with Cakeland’s scraper and see where the Cakeland scraper is.

The hardness of the knife surface is just right, which is good for cake paste and batter.

The first thing to compare is the most important part of the scraper – the knife face. I used the same strength to test the hardness of the two scraper faces, the gap is quite obvious, see the picture below. The blade of a common scraper is soft enough to be bent almost entirely. This degree of softness and hardness is actually completely ineffective when it is being turned over.

Many novices have misunderstandings when mixing cake pastes. They always think that vigorously mixing will make the cake paste defoam, so the operation is particularly timid. When choosing a scraper, I also like to choose a soft texture. I feel that this will be mixed up. More “soft”.

But in fact, the defoaming of the cake paste is not the strength of the mixing, but the unstable egg liquid and the wrong way of mixing. Too soft scraper blade surface, the efficiency of pushing the cake paste when the bottom is overturned is actually very low, but it prolongs the time of turning over and causes defoaming; such a knife face is also difficult to turn the cake paste out. The glossiness affects the delicateness of the final finished cake tissue.

In comparison, the hardness of the Cakeland blade is really suitable. I remember the first time I saw the video of the sponge cake paste mixing technique on the Internet for the first time a few years ago, I felt that her mix was really decisive and powerful, and the efficiency was very high. At that time, she held it in her hand. This is the Cakeland scraper. Soon after that, I also started this scraper, and I really realized the kind of hearty touch.

In addition to mixing the cake paste, the Cakeland scraper is quite time-saving and handy when it is mixed with macarons batter, which has a low water content and a hard texture, and even a cookie dough. Before @TheRed teacher opened the rose raspberry lychee macaron live class in the kitchen studio, demonstrating the method of turning the macarons batter, it is the use of this Cakeland scraper.

@TheRed teacher demonstrates how to mix macarons batter in the kitchen studio online class

The edge of the blade is carefully treated and the blade is clean.

In addition to whether the mixing is to force or not , the cleanness of the scraper is also an important indicator when we choose the scraper . In general, our perception is that the softer the scraper should be, the more clean the pot can be. So many people will have some doubts when they just got Cakeland’s scraper. This knife face feels a bit hard. Can you really scrape the bottom of the basin?

This time I tested with a creamy cream that was weaker than the cake paste. The Cakeland scraper scrapes down, and the pot wall is instantly clean, just like the clouds.

The secret of the cleansing of the scraper is that the Cakeland scraper is very smooth and smooth at the edge of the blade,which makes it only a little force, and the blade part fits perfectly on the basin wall. The cream is scraped clean.

In contrast, ordinary scrapers are very rough on the edge, so there is no straight line.

The Cakeland scraper not only scrapes the arc-shaped pelvic floor, but also has a right-angled edge that scrapes the cake from the corner of the baking pan. It is effortless.



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