Baking novice must-have items, boyfriend looked straight praise!

Everyone is a hidden item of food, although not everyone can turn a recipe back, but when it comes to baking small desserts, you can always say egg tarts, macarons, cookies, cranberry cookies, puffs. Wait until the delicious name of the drooling. In order to make a small dessert to express love to the other half, even many people spend money to sign up for learning, in fact, at home can also learn to bake small desserts, not difficult!

Just search the recipes for making desserts on the Internet, according to the amount and steps. The key is to use baking tools and a smart quality oven. The unskilled oven is likely to have baking problems because it does not automatically The technology of temperature control; so even if you are a novice baking no matter, hand is not a problem, not the choice of tools and oven is a big problem!

1. Smart oven adds extra points to dessert

All the steps before putting it into the oven need only step by step. The key is the final baking part. Adjust the temperature and heating time to be heated according to the ingredients to be baked. You only need to press the button and the rest will be given to the smart. The oven, the heating system used inside, can make the baked sweet aroma more attractive, the appearance is more beautiful and the taste is better, the taste is more intense.

This electric oven is embedded and can be directly installed in the kitchen cabinet to fix it, does not occupy the extra space of the kitchen, and adopts double probe temperature control technology to accurately detect the temperature of the cavity and control the baking heat at any time. 360 comprehensive Evenly heated dessert; 6-stage baking mode to meet the needs of different tastes, play the delicious dessert.

2. Steamer steamed dessert is more nutritious

Recently, the steamed cake that has been popular all over the country has been eaten by many people who love dessert as a daily snack, because it not only has a softer and softer taste, but also adds more nutrition is one of the keys to being loved; at home Put a steamer to make a steamed dessert, not only to satisfy the taste buds, but also to be healthy and healthy, and the steamer has diversified functions and excellent strength.

This embedded intelligent steamer adopts dynamic steam balance technology to eliminate the exhaust gas in the box in time, ensuring no odor inside the box and avoiding food odor; sufficient steam continues to maintain constant temperature, the food can be fully mature, and the top has auxiliary heating. Designed to prevent the steam from sublimating the condensate soaking the food, so that the food color and nutrients are not damaged.

3. Baking Daren Tool Set

Don’t look at the baking tools are small things, but it is a little inconvenient to use, it is easy to become a failure in the whole baking process. If it is not a complete set of baking tools, a certain link may be missing. The tool is very cumbersome, and the set of baking tools is easy to use and better with the partner.

This must-have baking kit is quick and quick to identify a variety of small tools. It is made of food grade silicone material, which has excellent high temperature resistance and does not cause the dough to stick to the mold. The division of labor is clear. The various baking utensils only need to be used in accordance with the instructions, and the cleaning is very convenient after use, which is very worry-free.

4. Perfect with homemade coffee

Every time I see the white-collar workers in the TV series, the afternoon tea is all coffee and dessert. In fact, I can live this elegant life at home. When the dessert is baked in the oven, I can free time to use the coffee machine. A pot of coffee, bathing in the sun with your lover, drinking coffee and eating dessert, enjoying a sweet, romantic and warm world of two.

The advantage of the automatic coffee machine is to save time and manpower. The pump-type design is equipped with a two-in-one coffee filter handle, which makes the coffee that is brewed more concentrated and smooth, soft and smooth; it can be easily achieved by the standard pump pressure of 15 bar. The extraction pressure, the thick coffee oil makes the Italian coffee taste thicker; the innovative technology of constant temperature heating, let you drink hot steam in 40 seconds, warm to the stomach.

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