Yogurt cake that can be made without the oven, no oil and low sugar, refreshing and not greasy, delicious and not on fire!

Today, I teach you to make a steamed yogurt cake. You only need to send egg whites, but you don’t need an oven. A lot of friends who don’t have an oven are relieved. The old man and the child in the steamed cake can eat, don’t worry about eating the baked cake and getting angry. Formulated with no oil and low sugar, it is refreshing and unburdened. It is not so sinful to eat a piece in the middle of the night. Learn quickly!

【Yogurt Cake 】

Ingredients preparation: 70 grams of low-gluten flour, 100 grams of plain yogurt, 3 eggs, 25 grams of fine sugar, and the right amount of olive oil (used to mold).

Production steps:

1. Prepare two water-free and oil-free pots, separate the egg yolk with egg spoon, and note that there should be no egg yolk in the protein, otherwise it will affect the hair. (If there is no egg separator, you can use the eggshell to repeatedly hold the egg yolk to separate, be careful not to break the egg yolk, and freeze the protein after separation.)

2. Sift the low-gluten flour and pour it into the pot of egg yolk. This step can not be lazy, sifting in order to prevent the flour from clumping and avoiding convulsions after mixing.

3, add yogurt, stir the ingredients with a spatula, stir until smooth and no particles.

4. Use an electric egg beater to send the protein in one direction and add the fine sugar three times. It can be sent to wet foam or dry foam. The cake made by the former is softer, and the latter will be more flexible. You can decide according to your own taste.

5. Pour 1/3 of the protein into the egg yolk paste and gently cross the cross with a spatula. Be careful not to stir the circle and the protein will defoam.

6. Pour the mixed egg paste back into the remaining egg white and mix gently in the same way.

Put a layer of olive oil on the 7-inch cake mold and scrape the egg paste into the mold with a spatula.

8. Take the cake mold to the flat 30cm away from the tabletop, and shake off the big bubbles. This step of neglecting the value of the face can be omitted.

9. Seal the cake mouth with plastic wrap and place in a steamer. Steam for 20 minutes on medium heat. (Poke in with chopsticks, the chopsticks are cooked without a paste.)

10, steamed cakes take out and then release the mold, you can sprinkle some dried fruit as a decoration.

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