highly recommended! 5 minutes to teach you to buy 10 entry-level baking utensils correctly

We will give you a comprehensive science from the selection and use of ovens, electric egg beaters, electronic scales, scrapers and other appliances. It is the most conscience equipment purchase guide in the baking industry. It is strongly recommended that you recommend collection.

Oven purchase

The oven is a must-have for every roaster, and the non-famous roasting master, Shulin, said: You are only one oven away from the baking master.

It can be seen that the importance of the oven in baking is no less than the position of the Dragon Sword in the rivers and lakes. So how do you choose the oven?

What kind of desktop, mosaic, etc. for the family depends on how you like it, but the capacity is at least 30L or more (focus).

Why is this? Because the capacity is large enough, it will be evenly heated, and there will be less scorching on one side, and if you want to bake a super invincible loaf, if the oven can’t fit, it will affect your mood.

Grill a chicken together

There is also a strong recommendation to buy an oven with air convection! ! ! You can feel the necessity when baking cookies, and don’t use this function for breads and cakes unless you want to eat rusks and cakes.

There is also a function that sounds very powerful, called the upper and lower tubes to independently control the temperature. This function is summed up in one sentence: you can set the temperature up and down differently.

A lot of tutorials have the requirement of temperature up and down, so if you don’t know how to do it, it’s better to spend more money.

Ovens usually cost 300-400 yuan to meet the needs of home baking. Also don’t ask if you can replace it with a microwave oven, no! ! ! No! ! ! No! ! ! (Important things say three times).

Egg beater

Why buy electric, not manual? You can find out how tired you are by buying a manual one. Although electric is more expensive than manual, it will not exceed 100 yuan.

But when you are sending protein, whole eggs, butter, and butter, you will thank the ancestors who invented the electric and electric egg beaters! ! !

However, you also need to buy one manually, because a lot of stirring action needs to be done, but the scraper can also be replaced, but the manual is really cute, anyway, I am willing to spend 10 dollars to buy one.

Cooking pot

Ceramic and plastic materials can not be bought (marked)! Because they are very unreliable, often the eggs are still not broken, the basin is broken first. So be sure to buy stainless steel. And it’s going to be deep, or else it’s going to be sprayed everywhere, just like an egg and a fight, it’s very bad.

Measuring spoon

A set of measuring spoons. Dry up? A small spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, can not be said, can only use a spoon, if not, then look at the mood plus. It is not expensive, a dozen or so is quite good, or a set.

Flour sieve

Don’t ask why the flour must be screened. Anyway, it is necessary to fish together. Do a few times, you have the answer, practice the truth


The scraper only requires a little, the one that is made of silicone. What is one-piece molding? It is not a few parts connected by the interface, the silica gel is formed in one go, seamlessly formed. Be sure to buy a rubber squeegee, which is better than hard ones.

Baking paper

Can effectively prevent the adhesion of the cake and the old Pan, easy to clean, do not want to waste can buy high-temperature tarpaulin that can be used repeatedly, do macarons also used.

As for those silicone pads that can replace baking paper and tarpaulin, personally feel that tarpaulin and baking paper are good and safe.

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