Looking for Bakeable, Disposable Loaf Pans?

  • Safe for cooking in both microwave and conventional ovens
  • No assembly required, simply fill and bake
  • Rigid construction provides exceptional strength and performance

  • Made in the USA with FDA compliant, grease resistant paper
  • Designer print pattern for upscale presentation of baked products
  • Eliminates need for cleaning metal pans

Trays, Plates & Platters

Our unusually strong, convenient, disposable, and environmentally friendly paper plates and catering trays are perfect for commercial food packaging, restaurant carryout, and catering. Most are available with clear PET dome lids to aid merchandising of your product.

Commercial Bakeware

Our dual-ovenable paper trays provide a unique, cost effective, attractive, and sustainable food packaging alternative to plastic (polypropylene, CPET, PET), aluminum foil, and metal trays. Our formed corrugated trays and loaf pans (pictured above) offer superior stength and rigidity.

Custom Food Packaging

Our food packaging expertise in paper packaging and unique abilities to thermoform corrugated paper in addition to solid paperboard, will guide you to the perfect sustainable, disposable, and ovenable package for your application.

Pizza Trays

Our dual-ovenable paperboard pizza trays are made with a thin layer of extruded PET to provide an exceptional grease barrier.The relatively thin paperboard provides good heat transfer, leading to perfect browning.

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